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Rich Auto Controller

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Rich Auto Controllers are advanced digital signal processor (DSP) systems used for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery, which include features suitable for various CNC applications such as engraving, cutting, and milling. Here is a comprehensive overview based on various models:

General Features of Rich Auto Controllers:

They feature a DSP operation core for faster computing and stronger processing capability.
They come with a self-contained display screen allowing full offline operation, eliminating the need for a computer connection during operation.

They have internal storage and support reading from a U disk, facilitating easy transfer and access to CNC files.

Controllers often include definable I/O interfaces, support various file formats like G-code, PLT, DXF, and offer multi-coordinate memory functions for multiple work coordinate systems.

They offer intelligent pre-reading of documents to enhance processing efficiency, along with power lost and breakpoint processing support for resuming operations after interruptions.

Features include security checking, alarm systems, convenient encryption and decryption functions, and support for multiple languages.

Specific Models:

Rich Auto A11: This model is suitable for 3-axis CNC operations and supports USB connectivity for computer-independent use. It comes with a monochrome LCD, offers a manual mode with various operations, and supports a maximum pulse frequency of 1M/S. The A11 model allows for easy system upgrades and language settings adjustments. It's noted for being totally independent from the PC platform and supports large file processing directly from a U disk.

Rich Auto A18: This variant shares many features with the A11, such as the DSP operation core, 16 operation keys for easy use, and a monochrome screen for offline operation. It also supports 1-4 linkage axes and has similar file format support, safety features, and language options. The A18 model is distinguished by its adaptability to both 3 and 4-axis CNC operations.

Rich Auto B18: Designed for the stone processing industry, the B18 model caters to 4-axis CNC routers and features an ergonomic design with intuitive layout and function keys. It includes a durable USB interface, a 3-inch monochrome screen, and supports differential signal drive systems for step or servo motors. The B18 emphasizes safety and efficiency with features like organized wiring, input/output indicators for troubleshooting, breakpoint protection, and support for multi-cylinder control.

The RichAuto brand is known for its innovation and reliability in the CNC control technology sector, offering products that stand out for their performance, intuitive interfaces, and robust functionality. They provide comprehensive information, dedicated support, and a secure shopping experience for CNC professionals and enthusiasts.

For detailed information about specific models and features, you can visit the official RichAuto website or authorized distributor pages.

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