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CNI Laser Diode

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The CNI Diode Lasers are a series of continuous wave (cw) diode lasers that are available in a wide range of wavelengths, making them suitable for a variety of applications including biophotonics, infrared imaging, spectroscopy, and laser welding. These lasers are known for their compact size, high reliability, and the option for TTL or analog modulations and fiber couplings. The optical output power of these lasers can reach the technical limit for their respective wavelengths while maintaining a compact housing.

Specifically, the MDL-E-650/1~30mW model from CNI Laser is a narrow linewidth diode laser module that operates at a wavelength of 650nm. It offers an output power range of 1-30mW and features high power stability, a narrow spectral line width, and a compact size. The laser also provides options for adjusting the polarization ratio and operates within an ambient temperature range of 20°C to 30°C. This model is designed for applications requiring a narrow line width and high stability, such as scientific research and industrial uses.

CNI Diode Lasers cover a broad spectrum from 375nm to 2200nm and are suited for various fields including biomedical, communications, industrial applications, information processing, military, and scientific research. They are praised for their high stability, narrow linewidth, good beam profile,
long lifetime, and ease of operation, all housed in compact packages for both OEM instrumentation and end-user applications in research and development.

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