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Laser Marking Card – JCZ

The JCZ Laser Control Card is used for laser marking and engraving systems. It works with the Ezcad software, including versions Ezcad2 and Ezcad3, to control various aspects of laser marking machines. These control cards can handle different types of lasers like CO2, Fiber, and YAG, and support features such as dual-axis marking, fly marking, and software development kits. They're designed for basic two-dimensional laser processing but can also accommodate more advanced functions with different versions of the card and software.
The JCZ product range includes different types of control cards, like the standard marking control card, digital lite marking control card for CO2 galvo laser machines, fiber lite marking control card for fiber lasers, and more advanced versions for 2.5D and 3D engraving. The choice of card depends on the specific requirements of your laser machine and the complexity of the tasks it needs to perform.
It's important to select the right control card for your laser machine based on the type of laser, the required engraving or marking capabilities, and compatibility with your existing systems.

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