JR3A Coolant Gel



Proportion Put the liquid into running water with a ratio 1: 40~50 (avoid hard water such as well water or ground water).
Ingredients Green product for the environment
Using range Applied to all types of Wire-cutting Electric Discharge machine. It can be also used as cooling liquid for metal-cutting processes.
Features This product has excellent cleaning performance, suitable for high thickness cut and multiple-cut, dissolves quickly, and shipping conveniently. The main matched machine tool now is exported to international market.

  1. High ratio, dissolves quickly, use conveniently.
  2. Uniform and white finish surface without black & white stripe normally seen (cleaned by kerosene).
  3. The product has great cutting stability under large energy condition (average processing current over 5A), compared with the traditional emulsified oil, cutting efficiency increased by 30%, surface finish degree improvement half grade, electrode wire loss reduced by 50% and molybdenum wire life is greatly extended.
  4. Workpiece is easy to take off and clean, and the workbench is also clean.
  5. Suitable for cutting within 500mm thickness die steel, it is also suitable for multiple-cut.
Expire Date 12 Months
Package 2KG Special Plastic Bottle. 18KG/BOX, (2×9 bottles)
Precautions and appearance
  1. The product is yellow ointment with a little water, stir and mixing when using it. It becomes light milky white after dilution, and add the ointment and water in proportion when replenishing liquid.
  2. Please use the magnet to suck the workpiece before processing is finished, and avoid breaking molybdenum wire.
Quality standard Q/ZJRX 001-2004