Handy Massager

Material Metal
Color White
Brand Super Sonic
Frequency Continue
Usage/Application Full body Massage
Target Location Full Body
Packaging Type BOX


The electric handheld massager features an ergonomic design that can target pressure points, to provide maximum comfort during the massage. It is ideal to use on any body part like the back, waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs and lower leg or the abdomen to relieve the tension of muscles. This lightweight massage device has 4 changeable massage heads that easily fits the contour of a certain part of the body. The 4 heads include – the flat massage head for the face and abdomen for decompression and weight-loss, a ball massage head that helps to massage specific points for enhanced relaxation and muscle toning, a wavy massage head that can help in deep tissue massage to improve blood circulation and the micro fibber massage head that can help exfoliate dead skin, and also, effectively remove callus from dry feet. The body of the massager is made using premium quality skin friendly and heat resistant ABS plastic with TPR material to ensure durability and strength. The electrical cord is extra-long with length 1.6m that can reach any body part with ease. Equipped with a speed regulator, it allows you to control and change the speed and intensity of the massage.